Weekend Festival Baltic



Pärnu beach

Mere pst 12
80012 Pärnu, Estonia

August 3 - 5, 2017

THURSDAY 15:00 – 01:00
FRIDAY & SATURDAY 14:00 – 01:00

Age limit

Recommended 16+
VIP 18+


Weekend Festival Baltic will take place in Pärnu, from August 3 - 5, 2017.
The festival gates are located at Mere puiestee 12 street. To enter the festival you must first exchange your ticket into a wristband. This can be done in the box-office located at the festival gates. After the ticket has been changed into a wristband a security check must be passed.

VIP tickets will have their entrance at Ranna puiestee 1.

There will be an Express line for people with disabilities or for visitors without extra carryings.

If you need any assitance at the entrance, please ask for help from the nearest festival staff member.
This year all tickets will be exchanged into a wristband.
There will be two entrances for the festival:

1) For basic ticket holders, the entrance will be on Mere puiestee 12. There will be several entry lines, where everybody will get to enter the festival quickly. There will also be an Express lines for people carrying no baggage.

2) VIP entry will be at Ranna puiestee 1. This will also be used for the disabled.
The regular entrance is for all festival visitors. Before entering the entrance gateway the ticket must be exchanged into a wristband. The wristband will allow multiple entries and exits.

VIP entrance is for people who have bought the VIP ticket. Before entering the entrance gateway the ticket must be exchanged into a wristband at the VIP accreditation point. The wristband will allow multiple entries and exits. This entrance is also used for the disabled.

Express line is for those who have purchased a regular festival ticket, but are not carrying any of their belongings with them.
People with disabilities are instructed to use the VIP entrance at Ranna puiestee 1 to enter the festival area. Remember, that people with VIP tickets also use this entrance
Unfortunately no. There will be toilettes, ramps and platforms for the use of the disabled to better enjoy the festival.
We suggest to arrive as soon as possible, however plea note, that there will be thousands of people arriving at the festival so queues are unavoidable. The fastest way to the festival are is if you’re not carrying any luggage and are using the Express line.
By purchasing a ticket to the festival, you agree to a thorough body search, including emptying your bags and pockets and having all your items examined. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone who refuses to co-operate.

If you need first aid, medical help or counselling, please go to the nearest medical or information tent, or look for an event staff member. You will find the location of the first-aid point from the festival map or ask directions from the festival staff.
The recommended age limit of the festival is 16 years. Festival guests below 16 years of age should attend the festival with a legal guardian. Estonian Child protection act § 23/1 sets the curfew for under 16 year olds also at the festival area:

§ 23/1 Restriction for minors in public places:

(1) The child has to follow public order

(2) It is prohibited for an under sixteen year old to be in a public place from 23.00 to 06.00 without being accompanied by an adult. During the period from June 1 to August 31, it is prohibited for an under sixteen year old to be in a public place from 00.00 to 05.00 without being accompanied by an adult.

Bars are only for adults. To buy alcohol a photo ID (passport, ID-card or a driver’s licence) has to be presented.

Accepted forms of ID are: a passport, a state issued ID-card or a driver’s licence, which clearly have the date and picture of the person.

Unaccepted forms of ID are: student or university ID-s, working permit, copies of ID-cards, disability card.
We have a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and possession. Police officers will be working inside and outside of the festival area during the whole festival. All narcotics laws will be strictly enforced. Be responsible, and make smart choices.
Definitely bring good vibes with you! You can bring along an empty water bottle, that you can refill in designated water points. It is prohibited to bring along alcohol, any narcotic substances, glass bottles, guns, knives or anything else that is sharp, tool, pyrotechnics, laser-sticks and aerosol spray’s (i.e. hair spray). It is also forbidden to take along umbrellas and professional cameras or sound recording gear.

It is allowed to bring along small bags and backpacks, a phone, sunglasses, hats, lighters, earplugs, medication in their original packaged in an unopened form (failing to do so, the festival has the right to confiscate the drugs), posters and banners and cameras that are not for professional use.

Prohibited items include also food and drinks, chairs, pets and medication that has been removed from its package.
You can bring your own hand-made banners and country flags with you. Please note and be reasonable while designing: flags and banners are ok as long as they don’t disturb others.
Taking pictures and filming is allowed with equipment such as cell phones and pocket cameras. However, professional cameras with a lens that is over 70mm are forbidden and may be removed by the security personnel.
Food and beverage stands are located throughout the festival area, serving water snacks and other beverages.

Alcoholic beverages can be bought at the bar. Alcohol won’t be sold to people under the age of 18.
Make sure to follow the guidelines given by the organizer, safety workers and police officers both in the festival and public areas. Take into consideration that there will be a different traffic arrangement in the city during the festival. To avoid any issues it is recommended to follow traffic signs instead of GPS. In case of emergency call 112.

As the festival is located on a beach, the guests are asked to be aware of the consequences of their actions to the environment. Trash must be taken to appropriate containers only. This request is also to be followed outside of the festival area.

Camping is allowed only in the designated areas and all camps set up outside of those designated areas will be removed.

To avoid losing things we recommend taking along as few things as possible and take care of your property all the time. It is recommended to keep documents and other personal items near by and preferably in a closed pocket or bag.

If you have lost something or they have been taken from you, make sure to notify the police about it. There will be police officers patrolling the festival area to help the festival guests.

We advise festival guests to park their vehicles only in designated parking places and festival parking area. The easiest way to move around the city is by walking or using public transportation. It is not recommended to leave valuable items visible in parked cars. Police also reminds campers not to leave their valuable items inside tents when no one is keeping an eye on them.

Make sure to use alcohol responsibly and remind your friends to do so as well. Keep your friends safe and help them if needed.

According to the Estonian legislation it is forbidden to own, use or sell narcotic substances. The police will be taking all narcotics related crimes very seriously. The same applies to minors using alcoholic beverages and tobacco products.

We would also like to remind festival guests that under-aged persons need to be accompanied by an adult when they are in a public place during the night. Parents are advised to stay informed about where, how and with whom their children are moving around during the festival.
Headliners will be announced in early summer Full artist schedules will be announced in July 2017, approx one week before the festival takes place.
All found items will be held at the festival on site INFO booth during the festival hours. After the festival all lost property will be hold at the festival info booth until Monday August 7.
If you find an item that does not belong to you, we kindly ask you to bring it to the festival on site INFO booth, where you can also inquire about your lost items. After the festival all lost property will be hold at the festival info booth until Monday August 7.
For an extra fee you can leave your jackets, backs and other item at an on-site cloakroom or locker. Run, dance and jump free without your heavy belongings!
It is prohibited to organize raffles or competitions on Weekend Festival Baltic tickets without the written permission from the festival. Weekend Festival Baltic is not responsible for any of the raffles or competitions organized by third parties.
If you wish to sell your goods at the festival, please write to Priit Järve, priit@pj.ee
Send us an email to info@weekendbaltic.com and we give our best to get back to you as quick as we can!
Smart device insurance is a specific solution to insure mobilephone during the event provided by Gjensidige and INZMO. Insurance covers broken screen, cracks, liquid damage and theft. You can get replacement mobile from INZMO tent in case of claim event. Your device will be repaired or replaced with an equivalent unit. Insurance cover can be activated from July the 31st and it will be valid from the 3rd of August 2017 at 00:00 until the end of the Festival. Insurance cover can be activated by a person with Estonian ID-code only. Deductible for smart device insurance is 50€.
Apply here https://gest.fi/customers/bdikha/712. Accreditation to Weekend Festival Baltic closes on 16th of July 2017 and no application will be accepted after that.