03. After buying tickets

Yes. All wristbands will have to be activated in order for you to enter the festival. We recommend that pre-order your wristband with home delivery so you can activate your wristband in advance on our website MY WKND ACCOUNT.

There you can also buy new services or top up your credit for your wristband. 

When you leave the festival area it is important to do a check-out by putting your wristband against a validator that is placed to the exit. Otherwise, you cannot enter the festival area again.

Yes. This will help Weekend Festival to ensure smooth accessibility ad well as entering and exciting the festival area at any time during the festival. 

1) You can order your wristband directly to your home address and activate it with our My Ticket -tool in advance. By doing that you will ensure an easy entrance and be able to enjoy the festival to the fullest. We recommend this option to all of our customers.

2) You can exchange your ticket to a wristband at an exchange spot. Exchange spots are in Tallinn Coca-Cola Plaza (until 16.08 open at 11-20); in Pärnu at Martens square (at 10-20, on Saturday 18.08 at 10-18); in Pärnu Hedon roundabout (on Wednesday 15.08 and Thursday 16.08 at 10-22).

3) Exchange your ticket to a wristband at the festival gate. We do not recommend this option. This will slow down your entrance and we want you to be able to enjoy the festival and all the awesome artists immediately upon arrival.

We recommend that you choose the home delivery option for your wristband. We will ship all wristbands to those who purchase the home delivery service before the festival. The home delivery has now ended.

You can buy extra services from MyWKND account.

You can do this via MY WKND ACCOUNT.

You can purchase upgrades via MY WKND ACCOUNT.

You can do this via MY WKND ACCOUNT.

Yes. However, you will be personally responsible for the money exchange and selling of your ticket.