Weekend Festival Baltic 16.–18. August 2018


During the festival, Meeskond Security OÜ will be in charge of the safety. Rules and reg­ulations are imposed by the organizer of the event and the security company and are to be followed by everyone in the festival territory.


The visitor is obligated to:

  • Follow the rules and regulations of the festival.
  • Behave in a cor­rect manner and follow the generally accepted norms.
  • Keep clean and to put trash only in its designated areas. Throwing trash on the ground is strictly forbidden - FINE 50€.


The visitor has the right to:

  • Enjoy WKND festival.
  • Turn to the managing personnel in case of a problem.
  • Submit suggestions and pretensions according to the festival order.


Entrance to the festival (the organizer has the right to choose its customers):

  • The ticket/wristband, bought from pre-sale provides entry to the festival. The ticket/wristband will be checked in the entrance gate.
  • The security worker has the right to carry out a checkup of the visitor and visitor's belongings as well as check the age of the visitor both in the entrance and festival territory. To prove one's age the visitor must present identification (passport, ID-card, driver's license).
  • The visitor must keep the ticket/wristband carefully until the end of the event.
  • The ticket loses validity when it is scanned or when the barcode on the ticket has been ruined/removed.
  • The wristband loses validity when the attachment of the wristband has been ruined or the wrist­band has been given to someone else in some way (in order to be used repeatedly by several people).
  • According to §23 of the child protection law of the Republic of Estonia, all children under the age of 16 are NOT ALLOWED to be in public areas without a legal guardian after midnight.


Access is forbidden to the festival area for the people carrying:

  • Glass-, tin-, plastic or any other vessels or items, which can break and compromise the safety of oneself or others.
  • Guns of any kind or other dangerous items; pyrotechnical devices, torches (it is forbidden to have open fire in the festival territory).
  • Umbrellas or other items that may block the view for other visitors.
  • Personal food and/or drinks, personal alcohol, narcotics or psychotropic substances, pets.
  • Professional photo- or video devices, including drones (one can take a photo camera to the festival territory, however cameras with removable object-glasses are forbidden).
  • Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, roller blades or other devices for transport.
  • Persons who seem aggressive, negatively minded and/or visibly excessively intoxicated (by alcohol or narcotics).


The organizer/ security company has the right to remove from the festival territory per­sons, who:

  • Disturb the order (fight, inducing bodily injuries, theft, owning/using narcotic or psychotropic sub­stances or selling them etc).
  • Owning the before mentioned items; organizing sales or marketing activities (advertising or shar­ing flyers etc) without coordinating with the festival organizer.
  • Persons doing crowd surfing.
  • Will not obey the orders of the security workers in the festival area and/or ruin the generally accepted norms.


The ticket/wristband of the person removed from the festival will lose validity and the person will lose the right to return to the festival. The person will not have the right to demand a refund or a compensation. Visitors who break or ruin festival's inventory are obligated to compensate the damages in full amount.




For increased safety, there is life guard on the beach, who can be recognized by their marked private clothing.


A reminder for swimming:

  • Swim in the marked, controlled and guarded swimming area, do not jump but walk into the water.
  • Follow all safety rules and listen to the orders of the lifeguards working on the beach.
  • Swim along the shore or towards the shore so that your feet can touch the bottom.
  • When you feel tired, come out of the water immediately, when you feel cold, come out of the water immediately.
  • Never go swimming alone, when you go to the water, tell that you are going to your friends.
  • Do not swim while intoxicated (by alcohol or narcotics). The incoordination that is induced by intoxication will lead to inhaling water and asphyxiation.
  • Do not swim when you have hyperthermia. Sudden change in the outside temperatures may lead to health damages.
  • Do not swim with a full stomach, because while ingesting food, blood rich with oxygen gathers in the digestive organs in the body and may lead to muscle cramps.
  • Never pretend to be drowning, because every situation of emergency will be reacted seriously and this will cause unnecessary panic.
  • Do not compete in underwater swimming and holding your breath.
  • Do not push or pull anyone under the water!
  • Know where to call for help!
  • Do not leave children, regardless of their age, unsupervised.
  • Although lifeguard is present, it cannot eliminate potential dangers!


How to act during a water accident:

Saving yourself - call for help. Try not to panic - stay calm and do not struggle. Look around, maybe there is something you can grab on to. Try to stay above the water by floating in a calm manner. If the shore is close, swim to the shore.


Helping others - REMEMBER, you may know what to do to help a person in an accident get out of the water, but never forget - YOUR SAFETY COMES FIRST. If there is the smallest doubt that you cannot help the person in an emergency, call professional help. If you have decided to act do not overestimate your powers, know your swimming ability and make sure you know the size of the person in an emergency compared to yourself. Miscalculating or -judging these factors may lead to the drowning of both.