07. My WKND account

The MyWKND account is a personal festival account that allows you to view and manage all the features of your wristband.

With the account you can link your ticket to the festival wristband.

Through your account, you can also manage or buy the following additional services to your wristband:

  • You can attach your credit or debit card to your wristband. The information is safe on a secure server and your wristband will work at the festival area as a means of payment
  • You can add money to your wristband before the festival and use it for all services at the festival area
  • You can upgrade your ticket type from the standard ticket to the Priority or VIP ticket by paying the difference between the ticket price (if Priority or VIP tickets are still available)
  • You can use your wristband to pay for the admission to the festivals afterparties
  • You can see your use of money and the shopping receipts of the festival area in one place

We encourage everyone to create an account in advance to manage all the features of your wristband. The account must be activated when you arrive at the festival area if you plan on using the services at the festival area or purchase food or drinks.

All purchases will go through your MyWKND account linked to your wristband and you will also be able to track your spending and view your purchase history later on.

If you do not create a MyWKND account, the wristband will automatically be linked to the ticket at the exhange point or at the festival gate. In this case, money can only be added to the wristband at the top-up points at the festival for a 1€ service fee. 

You can transfer money from your online bank to your MyWKND account or you can link your credit or debit card directly to your wristband so you don't have to worry about adding money to your wristband on the festival area.

You can also add money to your account at the festival area at a top-up point in cash or by payment with a debit or credit card for a 1 € service fee.

We highly recommend that you create your account as soon as you have received your ticket and when our MyWKND section has been opened on our website in July. This will give you time to purchase the additional services you want and you can also add money to your account before the festival.

To open your account, you will need your personal ticket code from your ticket. We will update a more detailed instruction for opening an account when the MyWKND function is published on our website in July.

You have two options for adding money:

1. In advance on the MyWKND account you can:

  • transfer money via an online bank (using this option you have to log in to your online bank every time you want to add money);
  • link your debit card to you wristband (using this option you have to firstly confirm your card at your online bank and later at the festival confirm every payment, but you don't have to log in to your online bank to do so);
  • link your credit card to your wristband (using this option you have to firstly confirm your card at your online bank and from there on you can pay without logging in to your online bank or confirming payments. Payments will be charged to your credit card through the MyWKND account).

2. Using the festival site top-up points and paying by cash or card for a 1€ fee.

All purchases made at the festival will run through your MyWKND account linked to the festival wristband and you can also track your use of money on the account and view your purchase history.

If you want a receipt at the festival area, you can print one out from the information point during the festival.

Money left on your wristband will be refunded to you when you apply for a refund. On the application, you will have to fill in your name, your bank information and the 14 digit code from your wristband and 6 digit pin code. The refund will be returned to your account within 1 to 4 weeks.

We will charge a 1€ service fee for the refunds. Less than 5€ left on your wristband will not be refunded.

Wristband leftover money refunds that are available from 27th of August to 27th of October (10 a.m.)  (